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In vitro effects of angiotensin II on glomerular function

, : In vitro effects of angiotensin II on glomerular function. American Journal of Physiology 251(4 Pt 2): F627-F634

Effects of incubation with angiotensin II (ANG II) on isolated rat glomeruli were studied to test the hypothesis that ANG II exerts a direct effect on glomerular ultrafiltration coefficient (Kf) or hydraulic conductivity (Lp). Glomeruli of adult Munich-Wistar rats were isolated in isotonic medium and incubated at C in control medium or in medium containing ANG II (5.3 .times. 10-9 to 5.3 .times. 10-6 M) for 20 min. Glomerular volume decreased after incubation with ANG II. Relative volume decrement of unselected cortical glomeruli averaged 6 .+-. 3% in 5.3 .times. 10-9 or 10-8 M ANG II and 13 .+-. 3% in 5.3 .times. 10-6 M ANG II; volume of superficial cortical glomeruli and deep cortical gomeruli diminished by 9 .+-. 2 and 5 .+-. 0.5%, respectively, after incubation with ANG II 5.3 .times. 10-6 M. Glomerular oncometric response after equilibration with media of differing protein concentrations was not altered by ANG II incubation. Kf and Lp assessed in samples of glomeruli following ANG II incubation averaged 4.5 .+-. 0.5 nl .cntdot. mm-1 .cntdot. mmHg and 2.7 .+-. 0.5 .mu.l .cntdot. mm-1 mmHg .cntdot. cm2, respectively, and were not significantly different from control values (3.8 .+-. 0.3 nl .cntdot. mm-1 .cntdot. mmHg and 2.4 .+-. 0.3 .mu.l .cntdot. mm-1 .cntdot. mmHg .cntdot. cm2), respectively. In replicate studies of individual glomeruli prior to and after ANG II incubation, Kf was also not significantly altered (control Kf, 6.1 .+-. 1.1; Kf after ANG II, 4.4 .+-. 0.9 nl .cntdot. min-1 .cntdot. mmHg). We conclude that glomerular contraction caused by incubation with ANG II does not directly effect a change in glomerular Kf or Lp and that glomerular contraction and glomerular capillary hydraulic permeability are relatively independent properties. Decreased Kf in vivo after ANG II administration is most likely a result of altered intraglomerular perfusion patterns or of secondary changes in the capillary wall mediated by factors that are not operative in vitro.


PMID: 3766739

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