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In vivo induction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes ctl in h 2k b m mutant mice and cross reactivity of narrow specific cytotoxic lymphocyte clones

, : In vivo induction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes ctl in h 2k b m mutant mice and cross reactivity of narrow specific cytotoxic lymphocyte clones. Genetika 23(1): 45-54

Anti-wild-type (B6) H-2Kbm mutant (bm) CTL were induced in the regional lymph nodes by 2 injections (with 2 week interval) of bm mice into foot-pads with B6 irradiated splenocytes. CTL were tested 7 days after the boost, including 3 days precultivation in monoculture (required for high CTL activity in bm). Active bm4 CTL inducible in vivo but not in the mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC), while bm1, bm3 and their F1 hybrids with BALB/c were equally active in both models. In vivo induced bm3 CTL were cloned with B6 irradiated splenocytes stimulators in the presence of rat interleukine-2. Of 9 Thy1.2 positive narrow-specific CTL clones 2 displayed cross-reactivity to allogeneic target cells (TC): the 1st lysed H-2Kk [TC B10.A (2R)] and the 2nd H-2Kd [TC B10.D2(R101)]. The results witness for non-identity of the in vivo and in vitro induced CTL. The variable cross-reactivity of the narrow-specific CTL clones possibily occur because of receptors' affinity difference.


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