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Influence of diverse gene 43 dna polymerases on the incorporation and replication in vivo of 2 amino purine at adenine thymine base pairs in bacterio phage t 4

, : Influence of diverse gene 43 dna polymerases on the incorporation and replication in vivo of 2 amino purine at adenine thymine base pairs in bacterio phage t 4. Journal of Molecular Biology 150(2): 197-216

The relative rates at which A.cntdot.T .fwdarw. AP [2-aminopurine] .cntdot. T base-pairs are formed in DNA during AP mutagenesis, and the relative rates at which AP.cntdot.T .fwdarw. AP.cntdot.C base-pairs are formed during the in vivo replication of templates containing AP, were measured for a mutator, a wild type, and 2 antimutator bacteriophage T4 DNA polymerases. These measurements did not require quantitation of the AP in the T4 DNA. The mutator polymerase had no discernible effect upon the rate of A.cntdot.T .fwdarw. AP.cntdot.T, but increased the rate of AP.cntdot.T .fwdarw. AP.cntdot.C 2-fold over that of the wild-type enzyme. The 2 antimutator polymerases decreased the rate of formation of both AP.cntdot.T and AP.cntdot.C base-pairs compared to the wild-type enzyme. The relative antimutator effect is asymmetrically divided between the 2 mutation steps, producing a very large decrease in the AP.cntdot.T .fwdarw. AP.cntdot.C step but a much smaller decrease in the A.cntdot.T .fwdarw. AP.cntdot.T step. The fidelity-enhancing components of T4 DNA polymerases apparently distinguish between AP in template DNA and AP at the primer terminus.


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