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Inhaled benzene feto toxicity in rats

, : Inhaled benzene feto toxicity in rats. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 46(1): 9-18

Groups of pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to 100, 300 and 2200 ppm of benzene vapor in air for 6 h daily on days 6-15 of gestation. The mean maternal body weight gain of the 2200 ppm group was significantly depressed. However, the incidence of resorption was not affected. The mean fetal body weight and crown-rump length were significantly lower than the corresponding control groups only at the highest exposure level. Soft tissue examination revealed no significant increase in the incidence of anomalies among the exposed animals. Skeletal examinations showed a significant increase in the number of fetuses with delayed ossification of sternebrae in the 300 and 2200 ppm groups. The female offspring appeared to be affected to a greater extent than male fetuses with respect to the incidence of delayed ossification of sternebrae. The litter incidence of missing sternebrae was significantly increased in the 100 and 2200 ppm exposure groups. The incidence of missing sternebrae was significantly increased in female but not in male offspring at 2200 ppm of benzene.


PMID: 725954

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