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Investigations with nitrogen 15 labeled lysine in colostomized laying hens 6. nitrogen 15 incorporation into the basic amino acids of the liver the kidneys the meat the bones and the remaining body as well as nitrogen 15 balance

, : Investigations with nitrogen 15 labeled lysine in colostomized laying hens 6. nitrogen 15 incorporation into the basic amino acids of the liver the kidneys the meat the bones and the remaining body as well as nitrogen 15 balance. Archiv fuer Tierernaehrung 34(10): 677-688

Three colostomized laying hybrid chickens received 91.40 mg L-Lys-15N-excess (15N') each for 4 days in a metabolism experiment with 15N-labeled Lys. After another 4 days, during which the hens received the same rations supplemented by commercial L-Lys, the animals were butchered and divided into individual fractions. After HCl hydrolysis of the organs and tissues, the heavy N of Lys, His and Arg were separated, quantitatively evaluated, processed and measured with an emission spectrometer. Atom-% 15N' on an average amounted to 0.20 in the liver, 0.16 in the kidneys, 0.06 in the meat and 0.05 in the bones, respectively. Feces contained 8.1%, urine 18.3%, eggs 24.3%, blood 4.9%, meat 20.5%, bones 5.2%, gastrointestinal tract with its contents 4.5%, liver 3.5%, kidneys 0.9%, reproductive organs 3.7% and other tissues 6.1%, respectively, of the recovered 15N'. The recovery of applied 15N', was 95.7% and 62% of this was recovered in eggs, body and feces as Lys 15N'. There was significantly more 15N' in Arg in all fractions than His. The amount of Lys-15N' of total 15N' differed considerably in the fractions: bones and blood, < 40%; gastrointestinal tract, feces, oviduct and kidneys, 48-56%; remaining parts of ovary, 62-63%; eggs, meat and liver, 69-71%. The .alpha.-amino group of Lys was to a large extent incorporated into other amino acids. Further proof that the amino acid metabolism proceeded in 2 phases was submitted, i.e., high amounts of amino acids previously deposited in the body were used for egg synthesis.


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