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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 5791

Chapter 5791 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Lack of interaction between trh and its analogs with tritiated quinuclidinylbenzilate recognition sites in the rat striatum. Neuropharmacology 24(7): 681-684

Lack of interaction of circulating thymus derived cells with phyto hem agglutinin in bacillary positive untreated lepromatous leprosy patients identification of sub population of lymphocytes by shifts in electrophoretic mobility. Journal of Immunology 118(1): 242-247

Lack of interaction of mdl 257 and isoproterenol comparison with aminophylline. Drug Development Research 10(2): 85-92

Lack of interaction of ranitidine with amitriptyline. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 32(3): 317-320

Lack of interaction of rhodopsin chromophore with membrane lipids an electron electron double resonance study using nitrogen 14 nitrogen 15 pairs. Biophysical Journal 53(3): 361-366

Lack of interference in skin tests by endotoxin in allergen extracts. Annals of Allergy 57(6): 410-412

Lack of interference of guanosine with ribavirin aerosol treatment of influenza A infection in mice. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 20(4): 477-480

Lack of interferon induced transfer of viral resistance against murine leukemia virus or poliovirus in co cultivated cells. Virology 116(1): 359-362

Lack of interferon induction in man by two rabies tissue culture vaccines. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 16(4): 521-524

Lack of interferon production by dipyridamole. Journal of Interferon Research 8(2): 135-136

Lack of interhemispheric transfer of the 1 hertz suppression effect in rats. Physiological Psychology 12(3): 237-241

Lack of interspecific interactions of everglades rodents on 2 spatial scales. Acta Theriologica 25(1-13): 61-70

Lack of intra cellular retinoid binding proteins in a retinol sensitive cell line. Carcinogenesis (Oxford) 3(5): 481-484

Lack of intra laminar sprouting of retinal axons in monkey lateral geniculate nucleus. Brain Research 126(2): 201-210

Lack of intramembranous particle clusters in collecting ducts of mice with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. American Journal of Physiology 249(4 Pt 2): F582-F589

Lack of involvement of alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the regulation of striatal dopaminergic transmission. European Journal of Pharmacology 86(3-4): 427-434

Lack of involvement of auto anti idiotypic antibody in the regulation of oscillations and tolerance in the antibody response to levan. Cellular Immunology 67(2): 334-345

Lack of involvement of calcium conductance change in atp induced depolarization of the guinea pig vas deferens. European Journal of Pharmacology 136(3): 287-294

Lack of involvement of dopaminergic and gamma amino butyric acid neurons in the inhibitory effect of harmaline on the activity of striatal cholinergic neurons in the rat. Naunyn Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 297(3): 233-239

Lack of involvement of gamma aminobutyric acid in baroreceptor mediated sympathoinhibition. American Journal of Physiology 250(6 PART 2): R1065-R1073

Lack of involvement of leukotriene and platelet activating factor in passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in rats. Agents & Actions 24(1-2): 189-195

Lack of involvement of nutrients in the latency of alternaria alternata in unripe mango fruits. Journal of Phytopathology (Berlin) 120(1): 85-89

Lack of involvement of nutrients in the latency of colletotrichum gloeosporioides in unripe avocado persea americana var drymifolia cultivar reed fruits. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 110(2): 106-109

Lack of involvement of poly phenol oxidase ec in ortho hydroxylation of phenolic compounds in mung bean vigna radiata cultivar berkin seedlings. Physiologia Plantarum 54(4): 381-385

Lack of iron stores in patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 161(4): 362-366

Lack of k 1b 9 light chains in basilea rabbits is probably due to a mutation in an acceptor site for messenger rna splicing. Journal of Experimental Medicine 162(4): 1149-1160

Lack of kestose fructosyl sucrose production by race 3 of phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae differentiates it from race 0 and race 1. Mycologia 69(4): 756-760

Lack of kino cilia in the nasal mucosa in the immotile cilia syndrome. European Journal of Respiratory Diseases 63(6): 558-563

Lack of labeling of microglial cells following micro injection of tritiated beta alanine an electron microscopic auto radiographic study. Journal of Neurocytology 7(1): 3-10

Lack of lacrimal gland improvement by na 872 in sjogrens syndrome. Acta Ophthalmologica 59(3): 428-429

Lack of levamisole effect on experimental herpes keratitis. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 16(12): 1148-1150

Lack of linkage between genes controlling the synthesis of the complement c 7 and the hl a region on chromosome no 6 in man. Human Genetics 34(2): 137-142

Lack of lipid involvement in nonosseous tissue repair. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 174(1): 59-64

Lack of liver vascular response to carotid occlusion in mildly acidotic dogs. American Journal of Physiology 251(5 Pt 2): H991-H999

Lack of lung damage in mice following administration of tert butylhydroquinone. Drug & Chemical Toxicology an International Journal for Rapid Communication 7(4): 335-344

Lack of luteolytic effect of d tryptophan 6 lhrh in hypophysectomized rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta. Biology of Reproduction 25(5): 963-968

Lack of maedi viral related RNA in pulmonary carcinoma of sheep (jaagsiekte). Research in Veterinary Science 24(1): 46-48

Lack of mammalian pathogenicity of entomocidal isolates of bacillus sphaericus. Environmental Entomology 9(4): 403-407

Lack of measurable complement fixing antibodies against viral antigens. Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica Section B Microbiology 85(2): 167-173

Lack of metabolic acclimation to different thermal histories by tadpoles of limnodynastes peroni anura leptodactylidae. Physiological Zoology 53(1): 1-7

Lack of metabolic bone disease in patients with fracture of the femoral neck. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 11(2): 158-161

Lack of metabolism of progesterone to 5 alpha products in dog and guinea pig testes compared with immature rat testes. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 10(2): 173-178

Lack of microbial genetic response to 2.45 gigahertz continuous wave and 8.5 9.6 gigahertz pulsed microwaves. Journal of Microwave Power 14(3): 275-280

Lack of mitogenic effects of growth hormone on human leukemic lymphoblasts. European Journal of Pediatrics 146(3): 257-260

Lack of modulation by presynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptors of adrenergic transmitter release evoked by activation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and nicotine receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology 72(1): 27-34

Lack of modulation of pituitary hormone stress response by neural pathways involving opiate receptors. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 50(3): 516-520

Lack of molecular hybridization between rna of 2 strains of tobacco mosaic virus a reconsideration of the criteria for strain relationships. Virology 82(1): 237-241

Lack of mosquitocidal activity by the cytolytic protein of the bacillus thuringiensis ssp israelensis parasporal crystal. Current Microbiology 15(1): 21-24

Lack of movement of brook char salvelinus fontinalis and ouananiche salmo salar in the caniapiscau river northern quebec canada. Environmental Biology of Fishes 5(1): 71-74

Lack of mutagenic activity in salmonella typhimurium of 4 optical brighteners. Mutation Research 40(2): 169-171

Lack of mutagenic activity of a series of food dyes for salmonella typhimurium. Mutation Research 56(2): 203-206

Lack of mutagenic activity of ademetionine in vitro and in vivo. Arzneimittel-Forschung 37(7): 826-829

Lack of mutagenic activity of bile acids in bacterial fluctuation tests. Mutation Research 190(3): 191-196

Lack of mutagenic activity of white spirit. International Archives of Occupational & Environmental Health 53(4): 359-364

Lack of mutagenic effect of cadmium and zinc salts in mouse somatic and germ cells. Genetika 14(12): 2212-2214

Lack of mutagenic effects of halothane in mammals in vivo. Anesthesiology 55(2): 143-147

Lack of mutagenicity and metabolic inactivation of aphidicolin by rat liver microsomes. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 93(4): 1094-1103

Lack of mutagenicity of 2 possible metabolites of halothane. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 50(1): 9-12

Lack of mutagenicity of nifedipine: a possible metabolic implication. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 17(1): 27-31

Lack of mutagenicity of products formed by ammoniation of gossypol. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 62(11): 1573-1574

Lack of mutagenicity of some phyto estrogens in the salmonella typhimurium mammalian microsome assay. Mutation Research 78(4): 317-322

Lack of mutagenicity of tetramethylsuccinonitrile in Salmonella typhimurium TA strains. Eisei Shikenjo Hokoku. Bulletin of National Institute of Hygienic Sciences: 100-101

Lack of mutagenicity of the fungicide 2 4 5 6 tetra chloro iso phthalonitrile in the ames salmonella typhimurium microsome test. Applied & Environmental Microbiology 43(1): 252-254

Lack of mutagenicity of vinyl chloride in 2 strains of neurospora crassa. Mutation Research 48(1): 43-50

Lack of mutagenicity to salmonella typhimurium of neopentyl bromide and pentaerythrityl tetrachloride relation to chemical structure. Mutation Research 140(2-3): 71-74

Lack of mutagens in urines of operating room personnel. Anesthesiology 53(3): 195-198

Lack of mycorrhizal specificity by the ericaceous hosts arbutus menziesii and arctostaphylos uva ursi. New Phytologist 90(3): 495-510

Lack of myo necrosis and decrease of toxicity in clostridium perfringens type a mutants investigation for a relationship with in vitro hemo lysins growth and metabolism. Revue Canadienne de Biologie 36(3): 217-238

Lack of negative feed-back regulation of insulin on the responses of gastric inhibitory polypeptide, insulin, glucagon and pancreatic polypeptide to a meal in insulin treated diabetics. Diabete & Metabolisme 10(3): 171-174

Lack of nephrotoxicity in pediatric patients receiving concurrent vancomycin and aminoglycoside therapy. ChemoTherapy 33(4): 302-304

Lack of nest site tenacity and mate fidelity in the starling. Bird Study 25(3): 189-191

Lack of neural control of atrial natriuretic peptide release in conscious dogs. American Journal of Physiology 253(6 Pt 2): F1164-F1170

Lack of neuro endocrinological effects of carbamazepine in the rat. Journal de Pharmacologie (Paris) 14(1): 85-92

Lack of neuropathologic consequences of repeated dermal exposure to 2 4 d in rats. Fundamental & Applied Toxicology 6(1): 175-181

Lack of nicotinic supersensitivity in frog rana catesbeiana sympathetic neurons following denervation. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 363: 211-226

Lack of nonexcretory renal influences on hemodynamics and fluid volume distribution after the volume loading of conscious dogs. Circulation Research 46(6): 880-886

Lack of normal colony forming units in culture suppressor activity in population of alloantigen stimulated t cells from patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Experimental Hematology (Charlottesville) 14(4): 316-323

Lack of normal to fast moving transition in the amino terminal fragment of bovine serum albumin. European Journal of Biochemistry 141(3): 473-476

Lack of nosocomial spread of Varicella in a pediatric hospital with negative pressure ventilated patient rooms. Infection Control 6(3): 120-121

Lack of nucleosomal structure in dnase i ec solubilized transcriptionally active chromatin fraction of physarum polycephalum. European Journal of Biochemistry 147(3): 575-580

Lack of objective evidence of stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 47(9): 754-758

Lack of observable intoxication in humans with high plasma alcohol concentrations. Journal of Forensic Sciences 32(6): 1660-1665

Lack of observed association between armadillo contact and leprosy in humans. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 26(1): 137-139

Lack of olfaction in the lizard anolis lineatopus lineatopus during prey selection. Zeitschrift fuer Tierpsychologie 47(3): 281-292

Lack of opiate effects on cat c polymodal nociceptive fibers. Pain 27(1): 81-90

Lack of opiate receptor involvement in centrally induced calcitonin analgesia. Life Sciences 22(11): 971-978

Lack of oral herpes simplex virus type 2 in a college student population. Journal of Medical Virology 16(3): 283-288

Lack of ornithine decarboxylase activity in isolated rat liver parenchymal cells. European Journal of Cell Biology 22(2): 649-653

Lack of osteomalacia in chronic cholestatic liver disease. Bone (New York) 7(3): 181-186

Lack of oxytocin effect on sperm output in oligo spermic males. Urology 29(5): 523-524

Lack of p chloromercuribenzoate action upon the outer barrier sodium permeability in the absence of sodium in toad bufo marinus ictericus skin. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 403(2): 115-119

Lack of pancreatic tritiated estradiol binding activity in cystic fibrosis. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 28(3): 349-352

Lack of passive transfer of renal tubulointerstitial disease by serum or monoclonal antibody specific for renal tubular antigens in the mouse. International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 86(2): 238-242

Lack of per iodate induced in vitro antibody suppressive activity in magnesium deficient mouse spleen cells. Comptes Rendus des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie III Sciences de la Vie 296(21): 985-988

Lack of pharmacodynamic interaction between pentoxifylline and warfarin in the rat. Research Communications in Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology 54(1): 65-72

Lack of pharmacodynamic interactions between quinidine and digoxin in isolated atrial muscle of guinea pig heart. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 238(2): 632-641

Lack of phosphate incorporation into troponin subunit i in live frog muscle. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 179(1): 81-85

Lack of photoprotection against uv b induced erythema by immediate pigmentation induced by 382 nanometers radiation. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 85(5): 448-449

Lack of photosynthetic pathway flexibility in the cam plant agave virginica l. agavaceae. Photosynthetica (Prague) 21(3): 273-280

Lack of physiological differentiation in 3 color morphs of the cricket frog acris crepitans in illinois. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 70(1): 73-79

Lack of physiological stimulation induces decreased proteolytic activity in nerve terminals. Neurochemical Research 13(7): 633-636

Lack of physostigmine diazepam antagonism. Biomedicine Express (Paris) 29(5): 153

Lack of platelet effect with the aspirin analog salsalate. Arthritis & Rheumatism 23(11): 1303-1307

Lack of pleiotropic compensation in extracellular protein production by hypoproducing variants of Staphylococcus simulans biovar staphylolyticus. Journal of General Microbiology 133(2): 253-257

Lack of pokeweed mitogen induced immuno globulin e formation in vitro by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells detection of cross reacting idiotypic determinants on poly clonal immuno globulin by antibodies to a single immuno globulin e myeloma protein. Journal of Immunology 131(6): 3001-3005

Lack of polymorphism in certain blood proteins and enzymes of european and canadian moose alces alces. Naturaliste Canadien (Quebec) 105(6): 445-450

Lack of position effect on the activity of copper zinc super oxide dis mutase gene in subjects with 21 d and 21 g robertsonian translocations. Human Genetics 57(2): 203-204

Lack of positive results of a physiologically based treatment of amblyopia. British Journal of Ophthalmology 64(8): 607-612

Lack of potassium effect on sodium chloride cotransport in the medullary thick ascending limb. American Journal of Physiology 249(1 PART 2): F34-F39

Lack of potency of metoclopramides metabolites in various dopaminergic models. Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior 18(2): 263-266

Lack of potentiation by cetirizine of alcohol induced psychomotor disturbances. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 34(6): 619-624

Lack of potentiation of vincristine induced neuro toxicity by vp 16 213 4' demethyl epi podophyllo toxin beta d ethylidene glucoside. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 6(3): 327-330

Lack of preference for diazepam in anxious volunteers. Archives of General Psychiatry 43(6): 533-541

Lack of preference for flurazepam in normal volunteers. Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior 21(6): 865-870

Lack of prenatal testosterone surge in fetal rats exposed to alcohol: alterations in testicular morphology and physiology. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research 12(2): 243-247

Lack of prevention of chlorsulfuron induced inhibition by amino acids. Weed Research 27(3): 215-220

Lack of prognostic value of lympho blast size in acute lympho blastic leukemia. British Journal of Haematology 33(1): 131-135

Lack of prognostic value of the thymidine labeling index in adult acute leukemia. British Journal of Cancer 44(1): 55-62

Lack of proliferation to allo antigen in a sibling of 2 infants with severe combined immuno deficiency. Clinical Immunology & Immunopathology 24(2): 286-291

Lack of prominent compensatory polycythemia in traditional native Andeans living at 4,200 meters. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 61(3): 355-366

Lack of promoting effect of sodium chlorate and potassium chlorate in two stage rat renal carcinogenesis. Journal of the American College of Toxicology 4(6): 331-338

Lack of promotive effect of quercetin on methylazoxymethanol acetate carcinogenesis in rats. Journal of Toxicological Sciences 9(4): 319-325

Lack of proof of induction of somatic recombination and mutation in drosophila by methyl 2 benzimidazole carbamate di methyl sulfoxide and acetic acid. Mutation Research 40(4): 383-388

Lack of prostacyclin biosynthesis by aortic tissue of the chicken. Prostaglandins 21(5): 739-750

Lack of protection afforded by rna preparations from mycobacterium tuberculosis against mycobacterium leprae infections in mice. Infection and Immunity 15(3): 733-736

Lack of protection against ascending Escherichia coli pyelonephritis in diabetic rats following immunization with purified lipopolysaccharide. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 32(12): 967-969

Lack of protection against bordetella avium in turkey poults exposed to bordetella avium like bacteria. Avian Diseases 31(3): 597-600

Lack of protection against chemically induced injury to isolated hepatocytes by omission of calcium from the incubation medium. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 9(2): 267-276

Lack of protection against ouabain cardiotoxicity after chronic ablation of the area postrema in cats. Experimental Neurology 85(3): 574-583

Lack of protection by pneumococcal vaccine after splenectomy in mice challenged with aerosolized pneumococci. Journal of Trauma 23(1): 1-6

Lack of protective effect of adrenaline tolerance in hemorrhagic shock in conscious dogs. Acta Physiologica Hungarica 62(2): 159-166

Lack of protective effect of breast feeding in congenital hypo thyroidism 12 cases. Pediatrics 65(4): 703-705

Lack of protective immunity after immunization of rats with antigens of Hymenolepis diminuta oncospheres, cysticercoids and mature worms. Bulletin de L'academie Polonaise des Sciences. Serie des Sciences Biologiques 26(8): 549-554

Lack of protein polymorphism in the endemic relict chrysosplenium iowense saxifragaceae. Canadian Journal of Botany 63(11): 2031-2034

Lack of radiation protective effect of orgotein in normal and malignant mammalian cells. Acta Radiologica: Oncology, Radiation, Physics, Biology 18(4): 305-312

Lack of radiographic evidence of interstitial pulmonary edema after maximal exercise in normal subjects. American Review of Respiratory Disease 137(2): 474-476

Lack of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri movement in a small stream. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 109(5): 484-490

Lack of rapid effects of cortisol on parathyroid hormone levels in cattle. Hormone Research 17(1): 49-51

Lack of rapid enhancement of insulin action after oral glucose challenge in myotonic dystrophy. Diabetes 36(6): 693-701

Lack of re acquisition in learned taste aversions. Animal Learning and Behavior 5(4): 395-397

Lack of reactivity of rheumatoid arthritis synovial membrane DNA with cloned Epstein Barr virus DNA probes. Journal of Immunology 137(2): 498-501

Lack of reciprocal translocations in carcinomas. Cancer Genetics & Cytogenetics 21(3): 275-278

Lack of recovery in male alcoholics neuropsychological performance 1 year after treatment. Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research 9(2): 114-117

Lack of recovery of cortical cholinergic function following quinolinic acid or ibotenic acid injections into the nucleus basalis magnocellularis in rats. Experimental Neurology 91(3): 628-633

Lack of reflex increase in myocardial sympathetic tone after captopril: potential antianginal effect. Circulation 71(2): 317-325

Lack of refractoriness to stimulation with long acting thyroid stimulator of thyroid hormone synthesis and thyroid hormone secretion in mice in vivo. Acta Endocrinologica 102(3): 392-395

Lack of regional surface differences in mouse bladder urothelium: a scanning electron microscopic study. Scanning Electron Microscopy: 767-772

Lack of regioselectivity in formation of oxohydroxy octa decenoic acids from the 9 hydro per oxide or 13 hydro per oxide of linoleic acid. Lipids 14(10): 848-851

Lack of reinstatement of an extinguished taste aversion. Animal Learning & Behavior 10(2): 233-241

Lack of relation between dopaminergic and 84 amino butyric acid ergic mechanisms in chick retina. Research Communications in Chemical Pathology & Pharmacology 40(1): 29-40

Lack of relation between secondary hyperparathyroidism and red blood cell osmotic fragility in chronic renal failure. Nephron 41(3): 241-245

Lack of relation between the ventricular refractory period prolongation by amiodarone and the thyroid state in rats. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 242(1): 320-325

Lack of relation of increased malformation rates in infants of diabetic mothers to glycemic control during organogenesis. New England Journal of Medicine 318(11): 671-676

Lack of relation of pulp calcium magnesium dependent atpase to mineralization rate in rat incisor dentin in response to vitamin d and calcium intake. Archives of Oral Biology 24(4): 271-276

Lack of relationship between ability to kill plants and ability to inhibit plant growth among phytophthora spp. Canadian Journal of Botany 55(1): 17-22

Lack of relationship between brain sodium plus potassium activated atpase and the development of tolerance to ethanol in rats. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 185(3): 594-601

Lack of relationship between cholecystectomy and colorectal cancer. A case control autopsy study in a defined population. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 19(7): 977-982

Lack of relationship between debrisoquine oxidation phenotype and the pharmacokinetics and first dose effect of prazosin. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 25(2): 276-278

Lack of relationship between effect of desipramine on forced swimming test and brain levels of desipramine or its demethylated metabolite in rats. Psychopharmacology 92(4): 441-443

Lack of relationship between estrus cycle and effect of ethanol in mice. Psychological Reports 54(3): 997-998

Lack of relationship between field incidence of bean anthracnose and production of seeds transmitting colletotrichum lindemuthianum. Fitopatologia Brasileira 11(1): 95-101

Lack of relationship between gliding cyanobacteria and filamentous gliding heterotrophic eubacteria comparison of 16s ribosomal rna catalogues of spirulina saprospira vitreoscilla leucothrix and herpetosiphon. Archives of Microbiology 145(4): 391-395

Lack of relationship between hepatic toxicity and acetylator phenotype in 3000 southern indian patients during treatment with isoniazid for tuberculosis. American Review of Respiratory Disease 129(1): 58-61

Lack of relationship between in vitro cell measurements and response to busulfan in chronic myelocytic leukemia. American Journal of Hematology 18(2): 191-200

Lack of relationship between spontaneous fluctuations of fsh luteinizing hormone and testosterone and semen output quality in young postpubertal bulls. Zuchthygiene (Berlin) 20(5): 222-228

Lack of relationship between the c 3g allele and the induction of sex linked recessive lethals by x rays and ethyl methanesulfonate in mature sperm of drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Science of the Hiroshima University Series B Division 1 (Zoology) 30(1): 33-38

Lack of relationship between tolbutamide metabolism and debrisoquine oxidation phenotype. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 33(4): 397-402

Lack of relationship between toxicity and bone marrow cell colony stimulating activity of endo toxin preparations. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology & Medicine 163(1): 15-18

Lack of relationship between viruses and human diabetes mellitus. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 7(2): 139-142

Lack of relationship in humans of the parameters of body cholesterol metabolism with plasma levels of subfractions of high density lipoprotein or low density lipoprotein or with apoe isoform phenotype. Journal of Lipid Research 27(6): 637-644

Lack of relationship of hypogonadism to muscle wasting in myotonic dystrophy. Archives of Neurology 42(9): 881-885

Lack of relevance of kinetic parameters for exocellular dd peptidases to cephalosporin minimum inhibitory concentrations. Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 29(5): 774-780

Lack of renal effects of deoxycorticosterone acth spironolactone and angiotensin ii in squalus acanthias. Journal of Experimental Zoology 234(1): 17-22

Lack of renal vasodilation during intrarenal infusion of synthetic atriopeptin ii in conscious intact spontaneously hypertensive rats. Life Sciences 38(1): 81-88

Lack of repair of uv light damage in mycoplasma gallisepticum. Journal of Molecular Biology 116(2): 337-344

Lack of reproducibility in bioassays for gene specific rna reportedly involved in the resistance response of wheat to stem rust. Canadian Journal of Botany 55(7): 851-852

Lack of reproducibility of macrodilution minimum bactericidal concentrations for staphylococcus aureus. Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 26(6): 815-818

Lack of reproductive isolation between populations of the grasshopper myrmeleotettix maculatus across a steep cline in b chromosome frequency. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 12(2): 167-176

Lack of requirement for spreading for macrophages to synthesize complement. Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society 28(5): 483-493

Lack of resistance in the diamondback moth plutella maculipennis lepidoptera hyponomeutidae to bacillus thuringiensis. Entomophaga 21(2): 189-200

Lack of response in porina wiseana sp hepialidae caterpillar to treatment with pyrethroid insecticides. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 6(2): 175-176

Lack of response in the release of oxytocin and vasopressin from isolated neurohypophyses to dopamine methionine enkephalin and leucine enkephalin. Experimental Brain Research 56(2): 221-226

Lack of response of cabbage looper corn earworm and fall armyworm moths to 28 118 and 337 micrometers laser radiation. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 70(2): 234-236

Lack of response of serotonergic neurons in the dorsal raphe nucleus of freely moving cats to successful stimuli. Experimental Neurology 101(3): 445-457

Lack of response to a drug a systems theory approach. Kybernetes 14(1): 25-30

Lack of response to georgia usa cement kiln dust in broiler chicks. Poultry Science 59(6): 1290-1293

Lack of response to recombinant hepatitis B vaccine in nonresponders to the plasma vaccine. JAMA 260(12): 1734-1738

Lack of response to selection for directional asymmetry in Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Heredity 78(2): 119-119

Lack of responsibility of lipid per oxidation for reduction of vitamin a in the liver of rats given poly chlorinated bi phenyls. Nutrition Reports International 25(6): 931-940

Lack of responsiveness of c 3h hej macrophages to lipo poly saccharide the cellular basis of lipo poly saccharide stimulated metabolism. Journal of Immunology 122(3): 932-935

Lack of responsiveness to bromocriptine of Cushing's disease elevated ACTH. Archivos de Farmacologia Y Toxicologia 3(2): 171-176

Lack of retardation with convulsed recipients in the kindling paradigm. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 7(2): 183-184

Lack of Rhesus antigen expression by human committed erythroid progenitors. Blood 61(3): 525-529

Lack of satisfaction in post retirement years. Psychological Reports 53(3 PART 2): 1223-1226

Lack of schizontocidal activity of 3 herbal decoctions on plasmodium berghei berghei in mice. African Journal of Medicine & Medical Sciences 14(1-2): 55-58

Lack of seasonal changes in biochemical constituents of bonnet monkey macaca radiata semen. Archives of Andrology 4(4): 327-330

Lack of seasonal influence on growth hormone therapy. Growth 49(3): 341-345

Lack of seasonal variation in platelet tritiated imipramine binding in humans. Biological Psychiatry 21(10): 876-882

Lack of seasonal variation in protein bound iodine. Clinica Chimica Acta 28(3): 439-442

Lack of secular change in male adult stature in rural Mali (West Africa). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 75(4): 471-475

Lack of selection by acyclovir therapy of highly acyclovir resistant herpes simplex virus type 2 clones detected before therapy in a patient with severe genital lesions. Annales de Virologie (Paris) 135(1): 89-98

Lack of selective killing by steroids in normal and malignant cells. Journal of Cellular Physiology 103(3): 429-433

Lack of selectivity between the uptake of tritiated adrenaline and tritiated noradrenaline into rat hypothalamic slices. Journal of Neurochemistry 49(3): 821-827

Lack of sensitivity and specificity of the renal clearance of amylase to clearance of inulin ratio in experimental acute rat pancreatitis with a study on the renal handling of amylase. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 11(4): 325-330

Lack of sensitivity of measurements of ventilation fraction at rest and during exercise in detection of hemodynamically significant pulmonary vascular abnormalities in collagen vascular disease. American Review of Respiratory Disease 123(5): 508-512

Lack of serological evidence for venereal spirochetosis in wild victorian rabbits and the susceptibility of laboratory rabbits to treponema paraluis cuniculi. British Journal of Venereal Diseases 56(6): 381-386

Lack of serological relationship between the 35 kilodalton nonstructural protein of alfalfa mosaic virus and the corresponding proteins of 3 other plant viruses with a tripartite genome. Virology 109(2): 444-447

Lack of severe malformations vs. occurrence of marked embryotoxic effects after treatment of pregnant mice with cis platinum. Toxicology 34(4): 321-332

Lack of sex differences in high density lipoproteins in Pima Indians. Studies of obesity, lipase activities, and steroid hormones. Arteriosclerosis 7(3): 292-300

Lack of short or long term inducible defenses in the red alder western tent caterpillar system. Oikos 48(1): 73-78

Lack of short term effects of cigarette smoking on bronchial sensitivity to histamine and methacholine. European Journal of Respiratory Diseases 63(6): 535-542

Lack of side effects from topically administered 10 percent phenylephrine eyedrops a controlled study. Archives of Ophthalmology 98(3): 487-489

Lack of significant effect of l dextro glutamate on serum gamma glutamyl transferase ec activity determined in the presence of glycyl glycine. Clinical Chemistry 21(10): 1515-1517

Lack of significant oncogenicity of biological products in hamsters. Applied Microbiology 23(4): 675-678

Lack of simple relationship between endogenous growth hormone and acid ethanol soluble nonsuppressible insulin like activity related peptides. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 45(2): 330-338

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