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Lack of mammalian pathogenicity of entomocidal isolates of bacillus sphaericus

, : Lack of mammalian pathogenicity of entomocidal isolates of bacillus sphaericus. Environmental Entomology 9(4): 403-407

B. sphaericus strains SSII-1, 1404-9 and 1593-4 were tested for mammalian pathogenicity and infectivity. Mice, rats and rabbits were injected by various routes including intracerebral, intraocular, s.c. and i.p. in order to maximize the opportunity for the bacteria to behave as mammalian pathogens. High doses of viable or autoclaved bacteria injected intracerebrally, intraocularly or subcutaneously produced mild lesions near the injection sites. No animals died and there were no disseminated lesions. Bacteria were recovered 2 wk after intracerebral injection but quantitative recovery studies showed a precipitous decline in recoverable organisms by 5 days after injection. About 10 organisms/100 mg of brain persisted for another 8-10 days after which the brains were sterile. All B. sphaericus strains tested were avirulent for the mammals tested. These organisms are highly unlikely to be hazardous for man.


DOI: 10.1093/ee/9.4.403

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