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Lack of thirst osmoreceptor dysfunction early puberty and abnormally aggressive behavior in 2 boys

, : Lack of thirst osmoreceptor dysfunction early puberty and abnormally aggressive behavior in 2 boys. Clinical Endocrinology 22(4): 469-478

Two unrelated boys (C.C. 13 yr; J.W. 18 yr) presenting with early puberty and episodes of aggressive behavior were found to have hypernatremia and hypodipsia. Plasma vasopressin (AVP) levels were inappropriately low in relation to plasma osmolality, but the patients did not have diabetes insipidus since 24 h urinary volumes were < 1 liter and the maximal urinary osmolality was 1232 in C.C. and 950 in J.W. Plasma renin activity was elevated (> 2000 mg AI/l/h) although aldosterone concentrations were normal. Excretion of a water load (20 ml/kg) was delayed, but plasma renin and aldosterone fell with increased naturesis. An infusion of 0.85 mol/l saline produced a rise in AVP in C.C. but not in J.W. Insulin and hypotension resulted in the releasing of AVP in both boys suggesting a selective defect of osmoreceptor function. Hyperprolactinemia and an exaggerated PRL [prolactin] response to TRH were also noted but no intracranial lesion was demonstrabled on CT [computed tomography] scan. These boys appear to have a hypothalamic syndrome with early puberty, hyperprolactinemia, hypodipsia and osmoreceptor dysfunction which may be associated with aggressive behavior.


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