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Lack of uv mutagenesis in radiation resistant bacteria

, : Lack of uv mutagenesis in radiation resistant bacteria. Mutation Research 104(4-5): 275-280

UV radiation did not induce rifampicin-resistant mutants in populations of the taxonomically-related radiation-resistant bacteria Deinococcus radiodurans, D. radiopungnans, D. radiophilus and D. proteolyticus, although such mutants arose spontaneously at a low frequency and at a high frequency after treatment of cultures with N-nitroso compounds. The radiation-resistant bacteria Arthrobacter radiotolerans and P-30-A were also UV-immutable whereas the more radiation-sensitive Pseudomonas radiora was UV-mutable. The radiation-resistant bacteria repair UV-induced DNA damage accurately and lack an error-prone pathway for the repair of such damage.


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