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Lack of water or urea movement from pelvic urine to papilla in hydropenic hamsters

, : Lack of water or urea movement from pelvic urine to papilla in hydropenic hamsters. Mineral & Electrolyte Metabolism 3(2): 81-86

Water, urea, or other solutes might enter the renal medullary interstitial space by penetrating the surface lining of the papilla. Collections were made first in the ureter of hydropenic hamsters, and then from collecting ducts within 150 .mu.m of the tip of the papilla. In the case of water, total solutes, nonurea solute, there were no detectable differences in the fraction of the filtered loading reaching the 2 sites; slightly more urea reached the ureter than left the collecting ducts. Paired collections were made at 2 levels in the collecting ducts: at the tip of the papilla and 4 mm upstream. Significant fractions of the glomerular filtrate, of the filtered load of total solute, of the filtered load of urea, and of the filtered load of nonurea solute were reabsorbed into the interstitial space from a segment of collecting duct that represents about 2/3 of the total inner medullary length, but only 1/4 of the collecting duct surface area. Compared to reabsorption from collecting ducts, reabsorption across the surface of the papilla is negligible in the hydropenic state and need not be considered in hypotheses about mechanisms of hypertonic urine formation.


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