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Lactarius louisii new species section plinthogali from northeastern north america

, : Lactarius louisii new species section plinthogali from northeastern north america. Mycotaxon 3(3): 331-336

L. louisii is a species of sect. Plinthogali found in Carbon County, Pennsylvania [USA] on a very decayed wood, and on Sphagnum in wet areas of a woods predominantly of oak and maple. Scanning EM micrographs of the spores and line drawings of details of pilear cuticle, cystidia and spores are presented. The species appears to be most closely related to L. xanthydrorheus in stature, watery latex, yellowish distant lamellae, a basal cellular layer in the pilear cuticle, and a yellowish narrow stipe. It differs from L. xanthydrorheus in having a white spore deposit, disagreeable taste, and latex not staining or changing to yellow.


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