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Lactate accumulation relative to the anaerobic and respiratory compensation thresholds

, : Lactate accumulation relative to the anaerobic and respiratory compensation thresholds. Journal of Applied Physiology: Respiratory, Environmental and Exercise Physiology 54(1): 13-17

Anaerobic thresholds of 5 male subjects were determined invasively (ATi), from a marked increase in plasma lactate above resting levels (.DELTA.La), and noninvasively (ATn), from a nonlinear increase in minute ventilation (.ovrhdot.VE) during incremental work (IW) leg cycling tests; work rate was increased 30 W every 2 min. Each subject also performed 4 constant-load work (CLW) tasks just above and just below their ATn and respiratory compensation threshold (RCT), i.e., the point expressed as O2 consumption (.ovrhdot.VO2) or work rate, at which .ovrhdot.VE increases disproportionally to CO2 output during IW. In 4 of the 5 subjects, ATn preceded the ATi during IW. Ye the ATn delineated the CLW in which marked lactate accumulation did or did not occur. During CLW just above the ATn in these same 4 subjects, .ovrhdot.VE/.ovrhdot.VO2 and fractional expired O2 (FEO2) peaked well before .DELTA.La plateaued. Exercise hyperventilation is not necessarily proportional to increases in plasma lactate.


PMID: 6826396

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