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Lactate and bi carbonate transport in rat and hamster jejunum incubated in vitro

, : Lactate and bi carbonate transport in rat and hamster jejunum incubated in vitro. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 385(2): 143-146

The transport of electrolytes into the serosal compartment of everted rat and hamster jejuna, incubated in vitro for 1 h, was evaluated both at C and C. To determine the bicarbonate concentration in this compartment, pH and pCO2 [CO2 partial pressure] were measured. A relationship may exist between lactate transport and pCO2 in the serosal side. A diffusion of undissociated lactic acid from the cellular into the serosal compartment is suggested. O2 consumption was approximately identical, at C, in both species. In the rat the anions which follow Na during its active transport may be mainly bicarbonate and chloride, while in the hamster jejunum, sodium may be followed by chloride alone.


PMID: 7190272

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