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Lactate and malate dehydrogenase binding to the microsomal fraction from chicken liver

, : Lactate and malate dehydrogenase binding to the microsomal fraction from chicken liver. Biochimie (Paris) 69(11-12): 1207-1216

Chicken liver microsomal fractions show lactate and malate dehydrogenase activites which behave differently with respect to successive extractions by sonication in 0.15 M NaCl, 0.2% Triton X-100 and 0.15 M NaCl, respectively. The Triton X-100-treated pellet did not show malate dehydrogenase activity but exhibited a 10-fold increase in lactate dehydrogenase activity with respect to the sonicated pellet. Total extracted lactate and malate dehydrogenase activities were, respectively, 7.5 and 1.7 times higher than that in the initial pellet. Different isoenzyme compositions were observed for cytosoluble and microsomal extracted lactate and malate dehydrogenases. When the ionic strength (0-500 mM) or the pH values (6.1-8.7) of the media were increased, an efficient release of lactate dehydrogenase was found at NaCl 30-70 mM and pH 6.6-7.3. Malate dehydrogenase solubilization under the same conditions was very small, even at NaCl 500 mM, but it attained a maximum in the 7.3-8.7 pH range. Cytosoluble lactate dehydrogenase bound in vitro to 0.15 M NaCl-treated (M2) and sonicated (M3) microsomal fractions but not to the crude microsomal fraction (M1). Particle saturation by lactate dehydrogenase occurred with M2 and M3, which contained binding sites with different affinities. Cytosoluble malate dehydrogenase did not bind to M1, M2 and M3 fractions, however, a little binding was found when purified basic malate dehydrogenase was incubated with M2 or M3 fractions.


PMID: 3129026

DOI: 10.1016/0300-9084(87)90148-9

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