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Lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzymes in the axial muscle of the sharks galeus melastomus and etmopterus spinax

, : Lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzymes in the axial muscle of the sharks galeus melastomus and etmopterus spinax. Journal of Fish Biology 12(1): 45-50

The lactate dehydrogenase [LDH] isoenzyme patterns were studied in axial muscles of the sharks E. spinax and G. melastomus. Samples from red, intermediate and white muscle fibers were run separately on a polyacrylamide slab-gel. Both sharks had 3 isoenzymes; all 3 were present in red and intermediate fibers, while white fibers contained only the 2 slowest-moving isoenzymes. Red fibers of both sharks contained most of the fastest-moving isoenzyme. Isoenzymes had a high tolerance towards urea; the slow moving isoenzyme was inhibited at about 2 M urea, the next isoenzyme at 4-6 M urea and some activity of the fast-moving isoenzyme was still present at 10 M urea in the incubation medium. LDH distribution in fiber types was studied by histochemistry on frozen sections.


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