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Metal complexes of uridine in solution

, : Metal complexes of uridine in solution. Journal of the Chemical Society Dalton Transactions (11): 2331-2334

The stability constants of binary and ternary complexes of CuII, NiII, ZnII, CoII, MnII, MgII, and CaII with uridine as a primary ligand and glycine, histidine, histamine, and oxalic acid as secondary ligands have been determined in aqueous medium by potentiometric pH-titration techniques [I = 0.10 mol dm3 (KNO3) at C]. In the binary systems the uridine acts as a bidentate ligand involving N(3) and O(4) in metal co-ordination. However, in the ternary systems studied it behaves as a unidentate ligand, bonding only through N(3). These observations are explained on the basis of the dependence of the binding of uridine on the pH of the reaction medium.


DOI: 10.1039/dt9860002331

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