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Metal complexes of vitamin b 6 related compounds crystal and molecular structures of aqua 5' phosphopyridoxylideneglycinatocopper ii trihydrate and bispyridoxylideneglycinatonickel ii hexahydrate

, : Metal complexes of vitamin b 6 related compounds crystal and molecular structures of aqua 5' phosphopyridoxylideneglycinatocopper ii trihydrate and bispyridoxylideneglycinatonickel ii hexahydrate. Journal of the Chemical Society Dalton Transactions (10): 2051-2058

The crystal structures of two Schiff-base metal complexes, aqua(5'-phosphopyridoxylideneglycinato)-copper(II) trihydrate, [Cu(P-Pxd-Gly)(H2O)].cntdot.H2O (1), and bis(pyridoxylideneglycinato)nickel(II) hexahydrate, [Ni(Pxd-Gly)2].cntdot.6H2O (2), have been determined using single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods. Compound (1) crystallizes in space group P.hivin.1 with a = 8.394(4), b = 9.819(8), c = 10.884(7) .ANG., .alpha. = 101.85(6), .beta. = 97.48(5), .gamma. = 112.60(5).degree., and Z = 2; compound (2) crystallizes in space group Pnna with a = 20.233(3), b = 19.423(3), c = 13.956(3) .ANG., and Z = 8. The structures were solved by the heavy-atom method and refined to R values of 0.064 and 0.129, respectively. The CuII ion has a square-pyramidal geometry in compound (1) with phenolic oxygen, imine nitrogen, and carboxylate oxygen atoms of the Schiff-base ligand and a water molecule as basal donors. The compound is a one-dimensional polymer due to the axial coordination of one of the phosphate oxygens of a neighbouring molecule. The two tridentate Schiff-base ligands provide an octahedral geometry around the NiII ion in compound (2). The near-planarity of the ligand in compound (1) and non-planarity in compound (2) are discussed in terms of the relative reactivities.


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