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Mimicry of isozyme adaptive advantage by gene association 1. relationship between adh genotypes and body dimension in drosophila cage populations a multi variate analysis

, : Mimicry of isozyme adaptive advantage by gene association 1. relationship between adh genotypes and body dimension in drosophila cage populations a multi variate analysis. Genetica (Dordrecht) 56(1): 27-38

The apparent selective responses at the Adh locus in D. melanogaster are not independent from its genetic background and from the variation at the gene pool level brought about by the changes of selection pressure. The dynamics of allozyme frequencies were observed at the Adh locus, of 5 metric traits and of reproductive fitness in 2 synthetic populations of D. melanogaster originated from the same cross between Canton and Oregon strains, homozygotes for different Adh alleles and reared at different temperatures (25 and C), until all above mentioned characters showed no more variations. Adhs allele frequency keeps high and reaches very similar values in spite of the different environmental temperatures, whose selective effects at the Adh locus are therefore unlikely. Both populations evolve toward the stabilization of Adh frequencies and other characters with a process strictly dependent on the permanence of coadapted blocks of genes which were contributed to the F2 generation by the parental Canton and which are identified phenotypically by the assiciation of Adhs/s with short wing. At the stabilization point the flies classified on the basis of their Adh genotype exhibit different shapes, i.e., their metric phenotypes can be discriminated considering all the respective traits together by means of multivariate analyses. Owing to the presence in the initial populations of heterosis and epistatic interactions between loci, the observed differences between Adh genotype groups should represent the outcome of selection upon coadapted blocks of genes rather than on individual loci. Each Adh genotype apparently can be associated to different gene arrangements and its adaptive value cannot be isolated from that of its genetic background.


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