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New nonionic surfactants alkylpolyoxy ethylene di ethers of isomeric di methyl xanthines

, : New nonionic surfactants alkylpolyoxy ethylene di ethers of isomeric di methyl xanthines. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 55(10): 748-750

Novel isomeric nonionic surfactants of the polyoxyethylene (POE) ether type possessing terminal dimethylxanthine functions related to caffeine were prepared using a polyoxyethylene cetyl monoether as the starting material. The surface tension properties indicate that, compared to the parent compound and its chloride derivative, these derivatives show pronounced changes in the critical micelle concentration (CMC) and pre-CMC slope but relatively minor changes in the minimum surface tension value. The efficiency and effectiveness of surfactants are discussed. The evidence indicates that the structure of the terminal hydrophilic portion can have a significant effect on interfacial packing. The cloud points of the chloride derivative and the xanthine derivatives were considerably lower than that of the parent ether. Cloud point curves for the ether, the chloride and the xanthines over the dilute concentration range show similar features.


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