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Nitrogen recovery by seed geranium pelargonium hortorum cultivar jackpot as influenced by nitrogen source

, : Nitrogen recovery by seed geranium pelargonium hortorum cultivar jackpot as influenced by nitrogen source. Hortscience 20(5): 923-925

Seed germanium was grown in 10-cm pots in a peat-pine bark-perlite medium and fertilized with solutions of (NH4)2SO4 (AS), NH4NO3 (AN), Ca (NO3)2-4-H2O (CN), CO(NH2)2 (UR), or Osmocote 14N-6.2P-11.6K (OS). Shoot and root growth and shoot N were greatest with AN and least with As. Greatest N loss by leaching occurred with AS and CN; leaching loss was less with AN and OS and least with UR. In all treatments form of N in leachate reflected N source applied. Proportion of N not accounted for by analysis (lost as a gas) was greatest with AS and UR.


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