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Notes on entomogenous fungi from ghana 5. the genera stilbella and polycephalomyces

, : Notes on entomogenous fungi from ghana 5. the genera stilbella and polycephalomyces. Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen Series C Biological and Medical Sciences 84(3): 289-302

Three species of Stilbella collected on arthropod hosts in Ghana are described and illustrated. S. buquetii Mont. et C. Robin and S. burmense Mains are transferred to Stilbella. S. buquetii var. formicarum var. nov. is proposed for specimens on ants. S. burmense Mains was common on myrmicine and formicine ants on cocoa bark. A new species S. dolichoderinarum is proposed for a fungus with small (2-3 .times. 1.7-2.5 .mu.m), globose to ellipsoid conidia growing on Technomyrmex spp. (Formicidae, Dolichoderinae). A multibranched Stilbella-like fungus occurring on the ant Paltothyreus tarsatus (Fabr.), Aethus spp. (Hemiptera) and Elateridae larvae (Coleoptera) is described as Polycephalomyces cylindrosporus spec. nov.


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