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Notes on the genus xeromphalina agaricales xerulaceae in canada biogeography nomenclature taxonomy

, : Notes on the genus xeromphalina agaricales xerulaceae in canada biogeography nomenclature taxonomy. Canadian Journal of Botany 66(3): 479-507

Eleven of the 13 North American species of Xeromphalina are reported form Canada. A key to 14 North American and northern Eurasian species is given. Type specimens for 9 names were examined. In Canada, subgenus Heimiomyces is represented by two species: X. tenuipes (Schw.) Smith (sect. Heimiomyces) and X. fulvipes (Murr.) Smith (sect. Fulvipes). Subgenus Xeromphalina is represented by sections Xeromphalina and Mutabilies. Xeromphalina brunneola Miller and X. campanella (Batsch: Fr.) Kuhner and Maire are circumboreal species documented from across Canada. Xeromphalina kauffmanii Smith occurs in southern Quebec, Nova Scotia, Costa Rica, the eastern United States, and in Japan. Section Mutabiles stat.nov. is completely revised based on pigmentation of the pileipellis, on the distribution and types of pileocystidia, and on the pigmentation of the stipe, in addition to characters used previously in the genus. The term "circumcystidia" is coined for pileocystidia largely confined to a band around the pileus margin. In North America, the name X. cauticinalis (Fr.) Kuhner and Maire frequently has been misapplied to X. cornui (Quel.) Favre, a common, widespread species in Canada. Xeromphalina fraxinophila Smith is reported from across Canada and the United States and in Eurasia. The name Marasmius cauticinalis is neotypified. In North America X. cauticinalis ssp. cauticinalis occurs in western areas. Xeromphalina cauticinalis ssp. pubescentipes (Peck) comb. et stat. nov. occurs in eastern areas in North America, in Japan, and together with ssp. cauticinalis in Europe. Xeromphalina parvibulbosa (Kauff. and Smith) comb. nov. occurs across North America. Xeromphalina cirris sp.nov. from montane or boreal coniferous forests floors in British Columbia, Ontario, Colarado, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming and X. campanelloides sp.nov. from coastal British Columbia and Washington, and eastern montane New York and Quebec, on coniferous logs, are described. Rhizomorphs are formed by all Canadian species except X. tenuipes.


DOI: 10.1139/b88-073

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