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Occurrence of artemia in solar saltworks and coastal brine ponds in sardinia italy

, : Occurrence of artemia in solar saltworks and coastal brine ponds in sardinia italy. Journal of Crustacean Biology 7(4): 697-703

Recent collection sites for Artemia sp. in saltworks and natural brackish ponds in Sardinia, Italy, are listed. They are: Carloforte, Sant'Antioco, Cagliari Spiaggia, Simbirizzi, Sale Porcus, and su Pallosu. All the reported populations are bisexual. Among the numerous natural ponds inspected, in only three the brine shrimp Artemia sp. was found sympatric with another anostracan, Branchinella spinosa. The two species partially coexist in the adult form and seem to be separated by salinity tolerance levels. As to the remaining ponds, the recorded salinity values suggest the possibility of colonization by Artemia sp., in spite of its absence at the time of the survey.


DOI: 10.2307/1548653

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