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On the problem of delusions of parasitosis

, : On the problem of delusions of parasitosis. Nervenarzt 58(2): 107-115

The nosological position of delusions of parasitosis was studied based on 27 patients and 4 case studies with reference to the basic positions of the literature. A so-called pure form of delusion of parasitosis, which is based in neither a physicogenic psychosis nor in an endogenous psychosis, was described. In patients with a pure delusion of parasitosis, which usually appears after the 40th year of life and its observed particularly in women, social isolation is often present, so that in these cases a classification as contact deprived paranoid seems justified. Pure delusion of parasitosis which appears after the 40th year of life was described as a subform of schizophrenia of the elderly closely connected to the exact type of cenesthesic schizophrenia. Using the basic disorder concept, pure delusion of parasitosis is based on a disorder of information processing which is expressed as psychoreactively processed decoding disorders of the proprioceptive and optic perceptual field.


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