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Peri aural sound evoked potentials in guinea pig

, : Peri aural sound evoked potentials in guinea pig. Acta Physiologica Sinica 34(4): 373-378

Averaged sound-evoked potentials were recorded from the periaural region of waking guinea pig with needle electrode inserted into the subcutaneous tissue or the underlying muscles. A train of 5 clicks with a total duration of 5 ms and a maximum intensity of 110 dB served as the sound stimulus. The typical shape of the potential was a positive-negative diphasic wave lasting 5-10 ms. The latency at high stimulus intensity was 6-7 ms, while the maximum amplitude might reach 500 .mu.V. The response was bilateral on monaural stimulation with a threshold 60-70 dB above the threshold of hearing and capable of following a repetition rate up to 20/s without much decrease in amplitude. The appearance and changes of the periarual potentials were in good correspondency with those of the pinna reflex. Both the pinna reflex and the periaural potential could be completely abolished by either general anesthesia or local paralysis of the periaural muscles. The myogenic origin of such potentials was supported. The latency of the pinna reflex was about 15 ms, consequently a 6-7 ms latency for the potential as the 1st sign of the reflex effector activity was reasonable. The nature of this kind of myogenic potentials and its relation to the postaural sound-evoked potentials recorded in human subjects were discussed.


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