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Pharmacological characterization of ionophore x 537a lasalocid induced contractile responses in isolated rabbit tenia coli and aorta

, : Pharmacological characterization of ionophore x 537a lasalocid induced contractile responses in isolated rabbit tenia coli and aorta. Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics 6(1): 39-45

Pharmacological action of ionophore X537A was studied in tenia coli and aortic strips isolated from rabbit. These isolated smooth muscle preparations contracted by X537A (10-5-10-4 M). Removal of Ca2+ from the buffer solution considerably reduced the contraction of tenia coli but not that of aorta. D 600 (methoxyverapamil, 10-6 M) was without any effect in the contraction of both tissues by X537A (10-4 M). Papaverine (10-4 M) and Aspaminol (1,1-diphenyl-3-piperidinobutanol hydrochloride, 10-4 M) inhibited X537A (10-4 M)-induced contraction markedly in tenia coli but slightly in aorta. Inhibitory effects of these drugs were revealed in tenia coli by increasing Ca2+ concentration in buffer solution but not in aorta. X537A (10-4 M)-induced contraction of aorta was not affected by a pretreatment of rabbit with reserpine and preincubation of the isolated preparations with guanethidine (10-6 M) or prazosin (10-7 M). Ionophore X537 A might produce the contraction through an increase of Ca2+ influx in isolated rabbit tenia coli which is not affected by D 600, whereas the contraction of rabbit aorta induced by X537A is mainly due to facilitation of release of Ca2+ sequestered intracellularly.


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