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Pharmacological characterization of purinergic receptors in the rat vas deferens

, : Pharmacological characterization of purinergic receptors in the rat vas deferens. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 224(1): 40-45

Using the isolated rat vas deferens, we have confirmed the existence of P1 purinergic receptors whose activation results in an inhibition of the neurogenic twitch of the vas deferens. The observed order of potency for agonists (adenosine ethyl carboxamide greater than 2-chloroadenosine greater than adenosine greater than 5'-AMP greater than 5'-ADP greater than ATP) and antagonism of these effects by theophylline supports a P1-mediated response. Metabolically stable analogs of ATP elicited dose-dependent contractile responses which were quantitatively greater than, but qualitatively comparable to, ATP-induced responses. The order of potency for the eliciting contraction was the following: adenylyl-5-imidodiphosphate = beta-gamma-methylene ATP greater than adenosine tetraphosphate much greater than ATP greater than ADP. Interestingly, these compounds also produced an inhibition of the neurogenic twitch with a similar rank order of potency. This response was not due to the activation of P1 receptors insofar as high concentrations of theophylline failed to attenuate either the inhibition of the neurogenic twitch or the contractile response induced by these agonists. Thus, these data demonstrate the presence of both P1 and P2 purinergic receptors in the rat vas deferens. In addition, the data are consistent with the idea that two distinct classes of P2 receptors exist in this tissue. Furthermore, these data suggest that the rat vas deferens provides a useful tissue for studying compounds which interact with both major subtypes of purinergic receptors.


PMID: 6294281

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