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Phosphorylating oxidation during changes in the functional state of the body

, : Phosphorylating oxidation during changes in the functional state of the body. Byulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 93(2): 28-30

Phosphorylating (mitochondrial) and free (presumably microsomal) oxidation was investigated as an amytal-sensitive portion of total O2 consumption in rats and mice. Five types of the functional states were obtained with the use of muscle work as training or overloading factor, emotional stress and muscle work in the hypoxic environment: (1) optimal (training), (2) normal, (3) prepathology, (4) pathology, (5) prelethal. Phosphorylating oxidation was the most sensitive portion of the total body respiration. It moderately decreased in the optimal state and progresisvely rose under pathological states. Free oxidation did not change within the range of states 1-3 and decreased under pathological states, the higher the phosphorylating oxidation. Restriction of phosphorylating oxidation in the trained animals may explain the phenomenon of O2 consumption saving by the trained body. In sports physiology, the phenomenon in question is known to be due to the most effective function of the respiratory chain of mitochondria.


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