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Phytocenosis structure of junipereta excelsae formation in the mountainous crimea ukrainian ssr ussr

, : Phytocenosis structure of junipereta excelsae formation in the mountainous crimea ukrainian ssr ussr. Ekologiya (Moscow) (4): 38-44

Associated species are Quercus pubescens, Jasminum fruticans, Juniperus excelsa, J. oxycedrus, Coronilla emeroides, Ruscus ponticus, Carex hallerana, Cistus tauricus, Elytrigia nodosa, Teucrium chamaedrys, T. polium, Cerastium tauricum, Carex cuspidata, Brachypodium rupestre, Arbutus andrachne, Arenaria serpyllifolia, Thymus callieri, Minuartia hybrida and Lasiagrostis bromoides. The characteristic features of the structure of juniper communities were established as follows: poor vertical separation, irregular density (projective cover) of all layers and a clearly pronounced horizontal heterogeneity. The heterogeneity of the vegetative cover in the present case bears an ecotopic and biogenic (phytogenic) character, in connection with which the associations, which were clarified in the geobotanical mappings of the juniper forest, are in essence complex or combined. Clarification of microcenoses is necessary to study the structure of this variety of phytocenoses, which has great significance for the future characterization of their structure.


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