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Placental transfer of central nervous system depressants in sheep

, : Placental transfer of central nervous system depressants in sheep. European Journal of Pharmacology 37(1): 193-196

Continuous monitoring of the fetal electrocorticogram [ECoG], eye movements and heart rate [HR] in ewes during the last month of gestation showed rapid placental transfer from the mother to the fetus of phenothiazine derivatives (acepromazine maleate), short-acting barbiturates (thiopental sodium) and narcotic analgesics (meperidine). Acepromazine and thiopental partially disrupted the fetal sleep cycle by synchronization of the ECoG for 1-2 h but increased the HR for 2-3 h. The effects of meperidine were similar but lasted only 5-10 min for the ECoG and less than 0.5 h for the HR.


PMID: 1278240

DOI: 10.1016/0014-2999(76)90022-4

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