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Preconcentration of iodide from saline water samples and determination by the catalytic method

, : Preconcentration of iodide from saline water samples and determination by the catalytic method. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Chemical Sciences 98(3): 177-184

A method is described for the determination of nanogram levels of iodide in saline water samples. The interfering chloride, present in milligram levels, is eluted out of a column of a strong anion exchanger, retaining the iodide quantitatively. The iodide is then recovered from the column with 2 M ammonium nitrate solution. The determination is carried out by the catalytic method based on the reduction of Ce(IV) by As(III) in presence of iodide. The arresting method was found to be more sensitive. The method can be easily adapted in a field laboratory, with accuracy comparable with neutron activation analysis.


DOI: 10.1007/bf02900717

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