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Presence of endocrine cells in pancreatic ducts

, : Presence of endocrine cells in pancreatic ducts. Pancreas 2(4): 393-397

Pancreatic endocrine cells were found in close contact with epithelial cells (either the centro-acinar or those lining the ducts). Junctional specializations were present between both cell types, demonstrating that they are structurally associated. In some instances, the endocrine cells present in the wall of the ducts reached the luminal space having direct contact with the pancreatic juice. These cells may well be responsible for the secretion of islet hormones directly in the duct lumen. The islet hormones present in the pancreatic juice as reported previously, seems to play a significant role in the interactions between the gut and the pancreas for optimal regulation of digestive activity.


PMID: 3306666

DOI: 10.1097/00006676-198707000-00005

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