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Production consumption and energy transformation by fish populations in a small lowland river

, : Production consumption and energy transformation by fish populations in a small lowland river. Ekologia polska 30(1-2): 111-138

Eleven fish species [Noemacheilus barbatulus, Gasterosteus aculeatus, Gobio gobio, Lampetra planeri, Leucaspius delineatus, Lota lota, Tinca tinca, Esox lucius, Misgurnus fossilis, Pungitius pungitius and Carassius auratus gibelio] were found at a sampling site in the upper course of a small lowland river in Poland. Their mean biomass was estimated as 37.41 kg .cntdot. ha-1 and total production as 35.31 kg .cntdot. ha-1 .cntdot. yr-1 (= 796.85 MJ .cntdot. ha-1 .cntdot. yr-1). Energy of the food consumed by these fish populations was 1725.63 MJ .cntdot. ha-1 .cntdot. yr-1, which corresponds to 487.35 kg fresh weight of invertebrates (88%), 50.03 kg of plant material (9%) and 14.29 kg of fish (3%). The examined fish populations used 13.8 kg of invertebrates to produce 1 kg of fish tissue.


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