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Protein- and energy metabolism in growing broilers in relation to sex and feeding level

, : Protein- and energy metabolism in growing broilers in relation to sex and feeding level. Zeitschrift für Tierphysiologie, Tierernahrung und Futtermittelkunde 41(2): 87-98

A trial with 24 growing male and female chickens (White Plymouth Rock .times. White Leghorn) kept in individual crates from 24-80 days of age, were carried out to measure digestibility, metabolizable energy and gas exchange together with N- and C-balances in relation to sex, feeding level and age. Six male and 6 female chickens were fed ad lib while the rest only received 50% of the amount eaten by the ad lib fed group. The total mean digestibility of organic matter was 75.3 .+-. 2.8% with no significant influence of sex, feeding level or age. With the individual determination of ME [metabolizable energy] the energy content was 3.12 Mcal ME/kg feed compound and the ratio of ME/IE [intake of energy] was 76.9 .+-. 2.8% and no significant differences between sex, feeding level or age were found. From the determination of ME and digested organic matter (DOM) an equation for predicting ME was found as: ME, kcal = 4.92 .times. DOM, g. The N retention curve for the ad lib fed group could be expressed as a quadratic function: N, gain, g = 2.06 kg0.75-0.74 kg1.50 with a maximum of 1.43 g N at a live wt of 1554 g. The heat production, (HE, CN), in relation to metabolic live weight was significantly higher for male chickens (152 kg0.75) than for females (130 kg0.75) in the ad lib fed group. Total energy gain for the ad lib fed chickens in relation to ME was decreasing for male chickens (45-31%) but increasing for females (47-50%). Energy gain in fat in relation to total energy gain was rather constant about 50% for the male chickens, but increasing from 54-69% for the females in the ad lib fed group.


PMID: 742216

DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0396.1978.tb00569.x

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