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Relations between frequency selectivity and 2 tone rate suppression in lizard cochlear nerve fibers

, : Relations between frequency selectivity and 2 tone rate suppression in lizard cochlear nerve fibers. Hearing Research 2(1): 21-38

Cochlear-nerve fibers innervating the apicial region of the alligator lizard basilar papilla show sharp frequency selectivity in response to single tones (measured with the frequency threshold contour [FTC]) and 2-tone rate suppression (TTRS) in response to 2 simultaneously presented tones (measured with the iso-TTRS contour [ITC]). The gross shapes of the FTC, characterized by the slopes of the sides and Q10dB, vary systematically with the fiber's characteristic frequency (CF). Below CF notches (frequency regions of relatively high threshold) occur in the FTC fine structure at frequencies related to CF. Above CF, a break frequency which varies with CF, divides the FTC into segments of different slope. Features of the ITC also vary with CF. The detailed shapes of the FTC and ITC are related: lobes of the ITC interdigitate with notches in the FTC; the side of the FTC with steepest slope is closely associated with the side of the ITC with steepest slope. The close relation between sharp frequency selectivity and TTRS suggests that they arise from a common cochlear mechanism.


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