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Remote control kymographic hystero salpingography development and clinical application

, : Remote control kymographic hystero salpingography development and clinical application. Japanese Journal of Fertility & Sterility 25(4): 461-471

A new remote-control kymographic hysterosalpingography [HSG] using an automatic injector of contrast medium with a regulator of injection pressure and a servomechanical serveillant was developed and applied successfully to clinical examinations. The insufflation patterns of the kymographic HSG can be classified into the normal, ampullar obstruction, isthmal obstruction and total occlusion. The highest injection pressure was 194 mmHg on the average in a pregnant group, and no pregnant case was found at pressures < 100 mmHg or at .gtoreq. 251 mmHg. The average cavity volume at injection pressures of .ltoreq. 250 mmHg was 3.38 ml in the pregnant group, and no pregnant case was found at the volume of 10 ml or above or below 1.5 ml. The cavity volume decreased with the duration of anovulation in the women in their reproductive years. The complications of HSG such as pain, peritoneal symptoms, bleeding, shock, i.v. flow of the contrast medium, and contraction of the utero-tubular junction, are all fewer with the new HSG than with the conventional manual HSG. Significantly less inconsistency of findings obtained with insufflation curves and X-ray examinations was also observed with the new HSG.


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