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Replacement of ovulation by lh or lhrh injection into hens pretreated with aminoglutethimide

, : Replacement of ovulation by lh or lhrh injection into hens pretreated with aminoglutethimide. Japanese Journal of Zootechnical Science 59(4): 366-375

During the early half of ovulation cycle in laying hens, a significantly incremental change was found on plasma P4 and E2 levels, but did not on plasma T. At 24 h before the predicted time of ovulation (shortly after the previous ovulation), the administration of 100 mg AG inhibited the expected ovulation and significantly reduced plasma P4, T and E2 level in the early half of ovulatory cycle. On the other hand, the premature ovulation occurred in all of the hens without AG pretreatment by the injection of oLH or mLHRH at 12 h before ovulation. Their P4 level enhanced markedly for the period of 6 h after the injection of both hormones. However, the incremental change of plasma P4 following oLH injection was greater than that following mLHRH administration. Furthermore, the time required to induce oviposition and ovulation in the hens injected with oLH was shorter than the time in the hens injected with mLHRH. Also, oLH injected at the same time could induce ovulation in all of the hens pretreated with 100 mg AG but mLHRH failed to induce ovulation in 80% of the AG pretreated hens. The occurrence of ovulation was always associated with a markedly high level of plasma P4 after the administration of oLH or mLHRH injection. While, the P4 level in the hens which failed to ovulate by mLHRH injection unchanged as compared with that in the hens receiving only the pretreatment of AG. The present results suggested in the following two possibilities: 1) the sensitivity of pituitary to release LH response to mLHRH might not be enhanced fully in the AG treated hens by the abolishment of the sensitization of steroids to pituitary during the period from 24 to 12 h before ovulation, and: 2) a large amount of LH might be required for the production of P4 in the ovarian folicle of the AG treated hens.


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