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Respiratory functions of the blood in the limpet siphonaria zelandica gastropoda pulmonata

, : Respiratory functions of the blood in the limpet siphonaria zelandica gastropoda pulmonata. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 5(2): 417-420

The respiratory pigments myoglobin and hemocyanin were characterized in the marine pulmonate S. zelandica (Quoy et Gaimard), and their roles in an O2 transfer system were postulated. In air, when the animals were active, O2 was transported from a simple diffusion lung by hemocyanin in the blood which had a half-saturation value of 12.7 mm Hg at pH 7.2 and c. At pH 7.6 the O2 affinity decreased to 17.3 mm Hg, indicating a reverse Bohr effect which might be expected to facilitate O2 uptake in the lung during bursts of activity at low tide. A high O2-combining capacity of buccal mass myoglobin (21.2 vols %) indicated a role of O2 storage during bursts of feeding activity. The distribution of carbonic anhydrase in various tissues was consistent with a transfer system facilitating the release of metabolic CO2 from the buccal mass.


DOI: 10.1080/03014223.1978.10428327

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