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Revision of koinocystididae turbellaria

, : Revision of koinocystididae turbellaria. Zoologica Scripta 9(4): 241-270

The revision deals with the anatomy and systematics of the 38 known ssp. of Koinocystididae. The taxonomy within the family is revised, a key for the identification of live specimens is given and an attempt is made to reconstruct the phylogeny of genera and species on the basis of anatomical transformation series. New genera are AXIUTELGA (type species Utelga aculeata Ax, 1959), BRUNETIA (type species Utsurus camarguensis Brunet, 1965), GETULA (type species Utelga uncinata Karling, 1978), GROVEIA (type species G. unicornis sp. nov.), ITAIPUSINA (type species I. graefei sp. nov.), LEGUTA (type species Utelga chelifera Karling, 1954) and NEOUTELGA (type species N. inermis sp. nov.). Other new species are Itaipusa bispina, I. curvicirra, Rhinolasius dillonicus and Utelga pseudoheinckei from the North American Pacific coast (the latter species also from European coasts). Acrumena massiliensis Brunet is transferred from Koinocystididae to ACRUMENIDAE fam. nov. Four species are considered incertae sedis. The new combination Itaipusa evelinae (Utsurus velinae Marcus, 1954) is described.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1463-6409.1980.tb00666.x

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