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Saponins of plants of panax species collected in central nepal and their chemotaxonomical significance ii

, : Saponins of plants of panax species collected in central nepal and their chemotaxonomical significance ii. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Tokyo) 34(10): 4368-4372

A specimen of Panax spp. collected along a trail leading from Dhunche to Singkunba, Central Nepal, was tentatively assigned as P. pseudo-ginseng Wall. var. elegantior (Burk.) Hoo et Tseung (probably identical with P. japonicus C. A. Meyer var. major (Burk.) C. Y. Wu et K. M. Feng). From rhizomes of this specimen, the following saponins were isolated. Dammarane saponins: ginsenoides-Rg1 (1), -Rg2 (7), -Re(9), -Rd (14), -Rb1 (11), gypenoside XVII (15) and notoginsenoides-R1 (8) and -R2 (6). Ocotillol type saponins: majonoside-R2 (2), 24(S)-pseudo-ginsenoside-F11 (3) and pseudo-ginsenosides-RT2 (4) and -F11 (5). Oleanolic acid saponins: pseudo-ginsenoside-RT1 (12) and chikusetsusaponins-IVa (10) and -V (13). A new saponin, named pseudo-ginsenoside-RS1 (16) was also isolated and formulated as monoacetyl-ginsenoside-Re. The saponin compositions of this specimen and other Panax spp. are discussed from the viewpoints of chemotaxonomy and pharmacognosy.


DOI: 10.1248/cpb.34.4368

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