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Scutacarus baculitarsus acarina scutacaridae phoretic on the mushroom phorid fly megaselia halterata

, : Scutacarus baculitarsus acarina scutacaridae phoretic on the mushroom phorid fly megaselia halterata. Acarologia (Paris) 21(1): 91-107

S. baculitarsus (Acarina: Scutacaridae) was clustered on the anterior abdomen of the phorid M. halterata (Diptera: Phoridae) of both sexes. Mites were more aggregated on flies from the surroundings of a mushroom farm than from the beds where many flies were hibernating and carried a greater number of mites. Large numbers of mites were taken from the casing layer of 1 house by Tullgren extraction and the compost contained a weed mold. Detached mites reattached to both phorid and sciarid flies and perched in exposed positions from which they ambushed the host. Perching mites were studied with reference to the substrate, light, gravity and humidity and the mechanics of perching. Mites were mass cultured using unsterilized brewer's yeast on a damp plaster substrate. Females became physogastric and laid near the colony while males carried away the quiescent chrysalis containing the phoretomorph females. The precociously developing male appeared to relate to a more exaggerated condition of parasitic males in Acarophenax and Pyemotes. Association of the mite and its phorid host is discussed and is considered to be dependent on specific ecological conditions.


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