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Secretory processes, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in isolated mouse hepatocytes. Aspects of regulation by glucagon and insulin

, : Secretory processes, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in isolated mouse hepatocytes. Aspects of regulation by glucagon and insulin. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 428(2): 480-494

The procedure of Berry and Friend for isolation of intact hepatocytes has been adapted to mouse livers. The ultrastructure of these cells was satisfactorily preserved. Isolated mouse hepatocytes secreted proteins and triacylglycerols. These secretory processes were inhibited by colchicine, indicating a likely involvement of the microtubular system for their normal occurrence. Ultracentrifugation of medium incubated with hepatocytes, followed by electrophoresis and electron microscopic examination of the floating fraction (density less than 1.006) allowed to conclude that secreted triacylglycerols were very low density lipoproteins. Glycogenolysis and lipogenesis were stimulated or inhibited, respectively, by low concentrations of glucagon (10(-10) M). Other metabolic parameters were influenced by the hormone but were less sensitive to its action. Inhibition of lipogenesis by glucagon was associated with a decrease in acetyl CoA carboxylase activity. This decrease does not appear to be related to intracellular fatty acyl-CoA accumulation secondary to hepatic lipase activation by the hormone. Insulin was effective alone or counteracted glucagon effects on lipogenesis or glycogenolysis only when exposure of cells to collagenase was held minimal. This suggests that, during isolation of hepatocytes, insulin receptors may, for unknown reasons, be more fragile than those of glucagon.


PMID: 179577

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