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Spermiogenesis of the teleost oryzias latipes with special reference to the formation of flagellar membrane

, : Spermiogenesis of the teleost oryzias latipes with special reference to the formation of flagellar membrane. Development Growth and Differentiation 18(1): 1-13

In the early stage of O. latipes spermiogenesis, an axonemal bud appears at the distal end of a centriole characterized by its electron dense accessories. When the axoneme begins to grow in the cytoplasm, small vesicles come to surround it. These vesicles are similar to those produced by the Golgi apparatus which lies close to the growing axoneme. At this stage, the spermatid cell membranes disappear, causing transformation of the mononuclear spermatids into a multinucleated syncytium. As each axoneme elongates in the syncytium, it is enveloped by a cylindrical array of vesicles which are most likely derived from the Golgi apparatus. Shortly after this stage, the syncytium is again partitioned by cell membranes, restoring the existence of mononuclear spermatids. The arrayed vesicles fuse with each other to form 2 concentric membranes surrounding the axoneme. The inner membrane becomes the flagellar membrane and the outer one, the membrane of a flagellar sheath. The formation of the flagellar membrane is apparently due to the fusion of vesicles surrounding the axoneme which are derived from the Golgi apparatus. In the course of spermiogenesis, no indication of an acrosomal structure is observed.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-169x.1976.00001.x

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