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Structure and function of chloroplast photosystem i reaction center

, : Structure and function of chloroplast photosystem i reaction center. Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft 90(3): 477-484

A photosynthetic reaction center can be characterized as the minimal structure than can catalyze a well defined photochemical reaction. In photosynthetic electron transport light induced charge separation between donor-acceptor couples is a primary event. In the reaction center of photosystem I such a couple consists of the P700 chlorophyll as the electron donor and a low potential component as the electron acceptor. The existence of a chlorophyll/protein complex is essential. Biochemically, the minimum function of photosystem I is to reduce NADP and preserve part of the energy for ATP function. Since photosystem I is a membraneous apparatus, its architecture is likely to play a role in the overall mechanism of its action. Structure-function relations in photosystem I reaction centers were discussed and a probable mechanistic model was proposed.


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