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Studies on alpha galactosidases purification and characterization of bacterial alpha galactosidase

, : Studies on alpha galactosidases purification and characterization of bacterial alpha galactosidase. Research Bulletin of Obihiro University Series I 9(3): 623-630

.alpha.-Galactosidase of Aerobacter sp. was purified about 110 fold by using column chromatography. This enzyme exhibited its absorption maximum at 211 nm showing little absorption at 280 nm. This enzyme, possessing a MW of 120,000, was extremely labile, and by means of pretreatment with 1 M NaCl lost its activity completely and irreversibly without a change of MW. In the presence of 6 M urea, there was complete loss of activity and the enzyme dissociated irreversibly into 2 subunits of different MW.


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