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Susceptibility to auditory fatigue comparison of changes in cochlear nerve potentials in the guinea pig and chinchilla

, : Susceptibility to auditory fatigue comparison of changes in cochlear nerve potentials in the guinea pig and chinchilla. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 60(2): 418-422

The susceptibilities of the guinea pig and chinchilla to acoustic fatigue were compared. For this comparison they were exposed to a 6-kHz tone. The exposures were within the range of 60-110 dB SPL [sound pressure level]. The N1 potential of the cochlear nerve and the cochlear potential were recorded before and after exposure. Both species suffered greatest N1 changes 1/2 octave above the exposure tone. No appreciable changes in cochlear potential were observed. In agreement with previous studies for equal SPL's, the chinchilla was found to be more susceptible to fatigue than the guinea pig. When the exposures were based on maximum cochlear-potential output, these animals suffered similar losses in N1. Impedance differences in their ears may account for the susceptibility difference. Nerve fatigue was described and found related to hair cell distortion.


PMID: 993464

DOI: 10.1121/1.381098

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