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Synthetic application of 2 6 di deoxy glycosyl halides construction of the b a di saccharide glycoside in chromomycin a 3

, : Synthetic application of 2 6 di deoxy glycosyl halides construction of the b a di saccharide glycoside in chromomycin a 3. Chemische Berichte 113(9): 3058-3066

By photolytic deoxygenation of the diacetoxy-3,4-O-isopropylidene galacto compound 2 the 2,6-dideoxy derivative 3 is obtained. Mild acidolysis gives 4, the acetylation of which yields the monoacetates 5 and 6, and in addition the diacetate 7. Methylation of 6 using diazomethane under boron trifluoride catalysis leads to the 4-O-methyl compound 9, and with bromotrimethylsilane the 2,6-dideoxy glycosyl bromide 8 is obtained. Correspondingly, 7 gives the bromide 10 which, according to a varied glycoside synthesis procedure is condensed with the monohydroxy compound 5 to yield the .alpha.,1 .fwdarw. 3-linked disaccharide 11. By partial deacetylation the selective synthesis of 12 is achieved. The corresponding condensation of 5 and 8 allows the preparation of the disaccharide 13 which is subsequently transferred to the methyl glycoside 14 of the B-A disaccharide unit of chromomycin A3. The NMR spectral data of 14 and the disaccharide unit B-A in chromomycin A3 are consistently in agreement.


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