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T lymphocyte responses to coxsackievirus b 4 and mumps virus 1. influence of hla dr restriction elements

, : T lymphocyte responses to coxsackievirus b 4 and mumps virus 1. influence of hla dr restriction elements. Tissue Antigens 26(1): 41-50

The proliferative T lymphocyte responses to Coxsackie B4-, mumps- and varicella-zoster viral antigens were characterized. No significant difference in responsiveness was found between healthy individuals and patients with Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus. Theophyllamine and verapamil decreased antigen-stimulated proliferation; indomethacin in physiologic concentrations (1 .mu.g/ml) slightly increased proliferation. A major part of the response seemed to be restricted by HLA-DR molecules. Furthermore, for the mumps antigen the DR3- and DR4-determinants which are associated with Type 1 diabetes, seemed to have a different regulatory function on the T lymphocyte response in that an increased frequency of low responders was found among DR3 positive individuals and an increased frequency of high responders among DR4 positives.


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