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The adult trichoptera insecta of alberta canada and eastern british columbia canada and their postglacial origins part 1 the families rhyacophilidae and limnephilidae supplement 1

, : The adult trichoptera insecta of alberta canada and eastern british columbia canada and their postglacial origins part 1 the families rhyacophilidae and limnephilidae supplement 1. Quaestiones Entomologicae 13(1): 25-67

Six species are described as new: Rhyacophila simplex, R. donaldi and R. autumnalis of the Rhyacophilidae; and Imania thomasi, Limnephilus vernalis and Philocasca alba of the Limnephilidae. Previously known species here recognized as members of the study area fauna are: Rhyacophila vao Milne, R. unimaculata Denning of the Rhyacophilidae; and Dicosmoecus gilvipes (Hagen), Neophylax rickeri Milne, Limnephilus nimmoi Roy and Harper, L. insularis Schmid, L. alvatus Denning, Lenarchus keratus Ross and Platycentropus plectrus Ross of the Limnephilidae. Asynarchus lapponicus (Zetterstedt) (Limnephilidae), is more fully described and illustrated. The female of Rhyacophila milnei Ross is described and illustrated for the first time; and Rhyacophila sp. 3 and Rhyacophila sp. 4 and Limnephilus sp. 2 are described and illustrated from single females only. Females of Psychoglypha prita (Milne) and P. alascensis (Banks) are figured and described. Rhyacophilidae total 29 spp., and Limnephilidae 102 spp., in the study area. The range type of each species is determined, and the probable post-glacial source for each is considered. The proportions of the fauna of these 2 families from each source area are now (combining data from this paper, and that to which it is supplementary): from Cordillera south of the ice, 58.7%; from Alaska [USA], 4.5%; from central plains, 6.8%; from eastern North America, 8.4%; from North America as a whole, south of the ice, 19.8%; and indeterminate, 1.5%.


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