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The available lysine requirement of 7 9 week old sexed broiler chicks

, : The available lysine requirement of 7 9 week old sexed broiler chicks. Poultry Science 56(1): 57-60

Two experiments were conducted to determine the available lysine requirement of broiler chicks during the 7-9 wk growing period. The chicks were sexed at a day old and the sexes were reared in separate pens in the same facility. Commercial-type broiler rations were fed from a day old to 7 wk of age. At 7 wk the sexing errors were removed and the pens equalized to 50 birds/pen. The 8 dietary treatments were replicated 3 times/sex. Graded levels of L-lysine.cntdot.HCl were added to the basal ration to give a stepwise increase of 0.07% lysine per level. The available lysine requirement for females during the 7-9 wk period was 0.64% for both growth and feed conversion. When this was expressed as a function of energy, 0.187% available lysine per megacalorie of metabolizable energy (ME) per kg of diet was required. The available lysine requirement for males during this period was 0.69 and 0.66% for gain and feed conversion, respectively. Expressed as available lysine per megacalorie of ME per kg of diet, the values would be 0.202 and 0.193%, respectively.


PMID: 605024

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